Retractable Deck Awning Repair in 8 Steps

A retractable deck awning can make your deck or patio livable on scorching summer days and evenings. You can also remain on a covered deck comfortably during a light rainfall. The primary problems that occur are with placement, wind damage and operating the electric motor. Learn below how to repair these problems with your deck awning in just a few steps.

Step 1:    Determine the Source of the Problem

If the deck is too hot with the awning fully extended, this could be because the awning edge is too close to the ground, or that the awning is made of a fabric that does not allow airflow. If the awning is not rolling up evenly, the problem could lie in an improperly leveled mounting or unbalanced roller tension on the two sides of the awning. If the electric motor or rollers are too noisy when operating, the rollers may have trapped yard debris, or need lubrication. As well, trying to unroll or furl the awnings in high winds may damage the rewind or the frame.
Too Hot Under the Awning

Step 2:    Raise the Awning

Remove the awning and raise its mountings so its leading edge is at least 7 feet off the ground when opened, to allow breezes to circulate under it.

Step 3:    Replace the Fabric

If the heat retention problem continues, contact the manufacturer and replace the awning fabric with a looser-weave fabric.

Step 4:    Check the Mounting is Level

An improperly leveled awning can result in uneven opening or rewinding. Check that the mounting support frame is level. If not, remove and readjust it until it flows out and back smoothly.

Step 5:    Rollers have Uneven Tension

On a manual retractable deck awning, adjust the cord tension so the counterweights are farthese apart at full extension, and that they are at the same length when you retract the awning fully. Avoid either opening or rerolling the awning quickly in high wind conditions, as you could snap the retractor cords.  If tension problems occur with a motorized rewind, contact the dealer for service. If you attempt to fix it yourself, this could void the warranty on your awning.
Too Much Noise When Operating the Awning

Step 6:     Clean and Lubricate the Moving Parts

If the rollers whine or make rattling noises while operating, they may need lubrication. Carefully extend the awning as far as possible and spray the rollers with a spray lubricant such as WD-40. Check and remove any debris in the rollers, including leaves, small pebbles, or seed pods.

Step 7:    Noise in the Electric Motor

Reset the retraction speed so that the blind unrolls more slowly. Check the owner's manual for troubleshooting tips, or contact the dealer or the manufacturer for assistance.

Step 8:    Check for Wind Damage

If the awning was open during a sudden high wind, it may have bent as you tried to close it. Examine the awning frame for signs it is bent or twisted. Replace it with a retractable awning that is rated for performance at high wind velocities.