Retractable Security Gates For Doors And Driveways

Retractable security gates are gates or barriers which provide necessary, effective protection to your family and when necessary can be folded or withdrawn to allow access to desired people. Retractable gates can be used to protect your doors and also can be installed in driveways to protect your children from speeding vehicles.

Retractable Security Gates for Doors

The door gates are also known as folding or collapsible security gates. These gates are made of galvanized steel and can withstand any tough situations including rough weather conditions. They are smaller to fit the door opening and are mounted to the left or right side of the door or the door opening. Heavy U channel webbings are riveted back to back to form a secure gate with high quality aluminum rivets.

Retractable Driveway Security Gates

Retractable driveway security gates are easy to install and are basically plastic nets which are used to keep children from running onto the street while playing in the driveway. They create a barrier between the children and any speeding vehicle that might come to the driveway, keeping the children safe.