Reupholstering a Lounge Chair Ottoman

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Staple gun
Staple remover
Glue gun
Replacement upholstery fabric
Razor bade or razor blade knife

Reupholstering a lounge chair ottoman is a good furniture project, especially if you are ready to make a change to an existing chair’s look.  Reupholstering is a furniture art form that takes time and practice to do well. Mastery leads to results that you are able to see and enjoy for a long time.

Step 1 – Removing the Existing Fabric
Using the razor blade knife carefully cut the top of the ottoman to expose the batting. Remove the fabric and batting completely, stripping the ottoman to its shell. Scrape of any excess glue from the ottoman with the scraper.

Step 2 – Obtain Measurements for Fabric and Batting

If you can, keep the fabric intact and use it to obtain measurements for the new upholstery fabric and batting. Cut the fabric and batting, allowing several inches of overage on all sides. This will account for the bunching that will take place when you staple the new fabric on to the ottoman.

Step 3 – Attach Batting And New Upholstery

Staple the batting on to the exposed ottoman frame. Apply glue in the areas where you scraped glue off previously. Attach the new upholstery onto the frame in the same manner you pulled it off. Start at one side of the ottoman and staple it in place. Pull the upholstery over the batting and secure the other end. Pull the sides in to place, pulling the ends in taut as you staple. Fold the corners in so that they do not flare out.
Work slowly and methodically as you pull the fabric over the seat area, making sure that it is even on top. You will see that the upholstery will bunch at the bottom, which is fine. This bunching will be uniform around the ottoman if you laid the fabric out evenly.  

Upholstery fabrics behave differently than leather when being pulled over wood. Take care not to stretch the fabric and apply gently pressure to secure each of the ends around the ottoman. If you make a mistake, remove the staples with the staple gun and begin again.

Let the fabric settle for about 24 hours before you use, when you finish with the reupholstering. After a day, go ahead, relax, and enjoy the product of your labor.