Reusing Aluminum Cans for Craft Ideas

There are several different ways that reusing non biodegradable items can leave a greener footprint on the earth. These items are not disposed of in the landfills, and may be clogging up the rivers, lakes and waterways. However, reusing certain items also helps people to save money when doing things like crafts, and even construction. Aluminum cans make a great item for reusing in arts and crafts. The ways that the aluminum cans can be used is only limited to your imagination.

Use Safety

When reusing any type of aluminum can for crafts it is a smart idea to sand down the edges of the can openings. Overlapping them, by folding the can in on itself is also a good idea. Aluminum, even when it has been dulled, can still cut quite deeply when at the right angle.

Christmas Ornaments and Wreaths

A great holiday project for reusing aluminum cans is to create wonderful holiday ornaments. Wreaths, decorations, and even Christmas Tree ornaments can be fashioned from the aluminum cans. By making careful cuts, and folding in certain areas, a wreath is quickly done. You will need several aluminum cans to make a wreath, but an ornament will require one or two.

Create An Accent Light

The easiest project for reusing an aluminum can for crafts is to create a simple accent light. Punch some holes in any pattern you like with a hammer and nail. Once the nails are punched into the can you can then paint it, or add any other accents you want including ribbons or beads. Inserts a simple lamp kit at the base of the aluminum can and you have a nice accent light.

Create A Science Project

A craft idea that kids are sure to love in reusing aluminum cans is to build a solar system replica. Not only will you child learn about the planets in the solar system, but they will have fun doing it. Using some sturdy, thin metal rods and enough cans for the sun, planets, and any other solar bodies, you can create a great looking solar system. Hang it from a ceiling in your child's room with some glow in the dark stars for a great look.

Small End Table

A bigger project yet is to create a small end table, or another small craft table, out of the aluminum cans. By standing them end to end, or crushing them and gluing the sides together, you can build a very strong base. Glue more crushed cans together, side to side, and cover with a glaze to form the table top.

Build Unique Landscape Lighting

Reuse your aluminum cans to create a unique landscape lighting along your walkways, on patios and decks. This is done with some low wattage lighting that can be strung together to form a string of beautiful, reflective lights. By cutting the can to open up while still leaving a bottom, you can install the lighting kit in the bottom of the can. Set the can on the landscaping for a beautiful light.