Reusing Bricks from a Demolition Site

One of the problems with demolition is finding a way to reuse the debris. Some of this debris simply cannot be reused again, however, items such as bricks can find life in another form by reusing them in other applications. Here are a few quick ideas.

As Driveway Pavers

By reusing bricks taken from a demolition site you can save a lot of money on your driveway by using them as pavers. The great thing about using them is that they are already weathered and worn so you will not have any problems with settling later.

As Retaining Walls

A lot of people would love to have some sort of retaining wall on their landscape for small slopes or gradual inclines. Reusing bricks for this purpose will save the homeowner a lot of money in materials.

As Edging For Walkway

Reusing old bricks as edging for a walkway adds a great amount of style to it. With the worn look, rounded edges, gouges, and other deformities, your edging will keep the walkway looking unique and custom.

As Foundation For Pavers

A lot of people will use crushed rock as the foundation for their patio pavers, or driveway. With the old bricks from the demolition site, you can have them crushed up into small pieces and use as he underlayment material instead of the crushed rock.