Reusing Candle Wax

clothespin holding a wick in cooling wax in a jar
What You'll Need
Used wax
Microwave safe bowls
Pot holder/oven mitt
What You'll Need
Used wax
Microwave safe bowls
Pot holder/oven mitt

Candles are a wonderful way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home and keep it smelling fresh or seasonal. However, these home accessories can be costly. Purchasing candle after candle as you burn through them can certainly add up. To do something good for your wallet as well as the planet, upcycle these items by recycling wax to create new candles.

Step 1 - Collect Old Candles

The first step is to build up some old candles where the wicks have run out. Stockpile these until you have at least two of similar scent. You can also opt to pair multiple scents if they complement each other well. Rather than mixing these, you can separate the wax into different layers of your new candle.

Step 2 - Scoop Out Wax

Use a spoon to scoop the wax out of the candle containers and into microwave safe dishes. If you wish, you can separate the wax by scents into different bowls.

Step 3 - Prepare The Containers

If you’re going to reuse the original candle containers, you’ll need to prepare them. Do so by removing the metal wick base from the bottom of the jar. Replace that old wick with a new one suspended from a clothespin or tied to a stick laid on the container's top.

Step 4 - Microwave Your Wax

In one minute increments, microwave the wax until it’s completely melted. On 60 percent power, this should take about four minutes, but check the wax in between the one minute bursts.

Step 5 - Pour Your Melted Wax

Your melted wax should have a soft, honey-like consistency. Once it reaches that, you’re ready to pour it into the containers. Hold onto the wick with one hand so that it's extended to the top of the jar, standing straight up in the middle. Slowly pour the melted wax into the jar with your other hand.

pouring candle wax into jars

Step 6 - Refrigerate the Candle

Place your newly poured candle in the fridge for about ten minutes.

Reusing your candle wax is as simple as that, and you’ll squeeze a lot more bang for your buck out of each candle if you follow this process.

Other Uses for Old Candle Wax

If you don’t want to make a full new candle, there are other uses for that old candle wax.

Make Air Fresheners

Scoop small amounts of old wax into cloths or old socks. Hang or place these in drawers or closets to freshen the air.

Prevent Shower Mold

Wax can help ward off the growth of mold in your shower. Rub wax into the grout between tiles to repel water, minimizing the chance of mold or mildew.

Stop Squeaky Doors

There’s nothing more annoying than squeaky doors! Use candle wax to get rid of this pesky problem. Rub it on door hinges that have been removed. Reinstall the hinges and then listen to the sweet sound of silence as the door closes.

Uses for Old Candle Jars

On the other hand, if you opt to combine candle wax into one candle and are left with an empty jar, you may be looking for alternate uses for this container. There are many different things you can use these for in order to upcycle effectively rather than throwing these away. All you have to do is start by emptying your candle, as directed in step two of the process above.

Make Snow Globes

A fun holiday DIY project that incorporates the use of old candle jars is homemade snow globes. This is particularly fun for kiddos to participate in!

upcycled jar snow globe


Many candle jars are pretty and can make for beautiful storage in your home. Use them to store makeup, cosmetic items like q-tips, or even coffee or tea.


Candle jars can easily be made into coordinating bookends. Fill the jars with sand, stones, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Use them as decorative bookends and they’ll be a statement piece on your bookcase.

Toothbrush Holder

Old candle jars that are large enough can be a convenient toothbrush holder atop your vanity.