Reusing Old Furniture Parts to Make New Pieces

Reusing the old furniture around your home can be fun and practical. Instead of throwing out that old coffee table, dresser, or stand you can simply reuse it for some other new piece of furniture or repair another piece.

The great thing about reusing old furniture is that you do not need to be a great woodworker in order to do so. Keep in mind, they are already old and need repair anyway. What you do with them now is not in any rule book. Simply have fun and do the best that you can.

Reusing or Refinishing?

There are times when you need to have a new stand for a corner of your room that looks bare. Instead of buying a brand new one, look in the attic or the garage for that old one you have. You might just have to do some basic refinishing of the stand to make it new again. Adding a new finish and repairing gouges in the wood is a very simple project. Doing this will bring life back to the old furniture and make it new looking again.

Repair Other Pieces

One of the way reusing old furniture is helpful is to repair other broken pieces that you are using. Most commonly this is seen in missing legs or table legs that are too worn out to be used anymore. Simply replace them with the old furniture parts.
Decorative pieces on a old furniture can also be reused in many different ways to adorn furniture you are using, or even newer pieces you have purchased. Rocker bottoms on old rocking chairs can be saved to repair other chairs. Spindles from the back of chairs can be kept for repairs or other applications where you need a small round spindle.

Make New Furniture

There are times when you will simply have to say good bye to the old furniture. However, it doesn't mean they are completely worthless. Take pieces off the old furniture for reusing into completely new pieces. For example, before tossing that destroyed dresser, you can use the mirror as a full length wall mirror. The drawers that are not broken too badly can be used in a garage on the workbench to keep power tools or other hand tools.

Use the legs off a table with a destroyed top and couple them with a new top made from plywood as a small stool.

Use In Other Areas of House

Instead of thinking about reusing the furniture in your home, think about how they can be used outside of the home. An old desk can be a workbench, or a potting bench in the garage. An entertainment center is easily converted into storage for sports equipment. Bookshelves can be used as garage storage, or even a closet by attaching customized doors.