Reusing Old Windows to Build a Unique Room Divider

Creating a unique room divider by reusing old windows is a great way to provide an interesting talking piece while helping to save the environment.

Reusing Old Windows

Old window frames come in a variety of styles and sizes, so there is bound to be one out there to suit your room. You can choose a multi-framed window for a touch of Old World class, or find something new and dynamic to add a modern feel to a room. Old window frames are ideal for creating a feeling of shabby-chic. 

When considering whether reusing old windows is a good idea in a room, consider whether you are at risk from earthquakes or hurricanes. A glass window could not only break during an earthquake, it is also a serious health risk if it falls or the glass shatters. Of course, there would be no problem with removing the glass, and just using the frame of the window to create a unique room divider.

Another question to consider is how you intend to use the room divider: should it be hung from the ceiling, as a more subtle division, or would you prefer to fix two frames together, and make them into folding dividers.

Mounting a Window Frame

Fixing a window frame to the ceiling of a room will provide a unique room divider without cramping the space in either area, and still allow you to move around the room. If you live in an earthquake zone, but still would like to mount a window frame with glass in the room, then consider using an "S" hook, which will allow it to swing from side to side, but will keep it attached to the ceiling. Taking out the glass and replacing with netting can help to keep the frame out of harm’s way, as can removing all breakable objects from the window frame’s range.

Building a Room Divider

If you wish to reuse more than one window frame, you can build yourself a hinged room divider with a couple of similar frames, some hinges, some screws, and some elbow grease.

  • Locate two frames without too many holes; buy hinges which match either the frames, or the decor in the house. You can buy sets that are used for accordion wardrobe doors.
  • Line up the hinges on both doors so that they are where you want them to be: draw around the edge of the hinge in pencil on both frames, and note where the holes should go.
  • If there is glass in the frames, then make sure this is covered with newspaper or fabric.
  • Set one frame aside, and screw the hinges into position on the other. You can lay the hinges down together if you wish at this point, but remember to ensure that the hinges are 1) the right way around, and 2) capable of performing what you demand of them.
  • Screw the hinges on to the other panel, taking care place them over the previously drawn markings.