Reusing Plastic Bags Instead of Improperly Recycling Them

When it comes to creating a greener place to live, reusing items is a much better option than recycling them. In fact, it is estimated that only about 3 percent of plastic bags put into recycling bins are actually recycled, anyway. With the cost of recycling bags at about $6,000 to $8,000 per ton, your best bet is to reuse them however you can, even if it is just to line the small trashcans in your bathroom or office.

Reusing Plastic Bags for Grocery Shopping

One of the easiest ways to reuse plastic bags is to simply take them with you when you go grocery shopping again. This way you not only reuse the bag, but you are also negating the use of new ones. Some stores will even offer a discount on your grocery bill for reusing plastic bags.

Keep Vegetables Fresh

Plastic bags are also very useful around the house when you have fresh vegetables. Wrap them in the plastic bags and store in the fridge or in a crisper drawer.

Reuse as Packing Material

Do you sent out a lot of packages? Are you going to be moving? Do you like to store holiday decorations? Reusing plastic bags as packing material is a great way to cushion your items and keep them safe.

Reuse Bags as Storage for Wet Clothes

When you come in from a particularly wet day, you can store your boots or shoes in plastic bags to keep them from getting the closet dirty. Just wash them out after the shoes dry and reuse later when you need them again. Transport wet swimsuits and towels from the pool to the laundry room in waterproof plastic bags.