Reusing Tea Leaves as Fertilizer in the Garden

Reusing ordinary household items has become very popular lately as people work on building a green lifestyle. From larger items like furniture to smaller items like tea leaves, reusing these items will not only help you live a greener lifestyle, but will also save you money in several areas.

Reusing Tea Leaves for Fertilizer

Tea leaves are very rich in nitrogen and contain a lot of different micro nutrients that will help enrich the soil. They are best used for houseplants as you can easily add a small amount at a time. Large scale fertilizing will require much more than just a few tea leaves.

Mix Lightly into Soil

Grind up your tea leaves. Grinding them up helps with the breakdown of the leaves and also releases the nutrients. Mix a small amount of the leaves into the top layer of the soil only.

Fertilize every few Months

As with any type of fertilizer, too much application can be harmful. When reusing tea leaves for fertilizing, you want to keep it to a schedule of once every 3 to 4 months. Spread about 2 tablespoons worth of tea leaves into the soil each time.