5 Apartment Makeover Tips

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Your apartment has a case of the "blahs" and it's time to freshen the place up! With a little time, a little effort, and (best of all) with very little money you can give your apartment a nice little makeover that has a great big effect. You can make all these changes over the course of a weekend, and never put your lease at risk.

You CAN Put Color on Your Walls

"But I'm not allowed to paint." Living in an apartment may mean that you've signed a lease that doesn't allow you to paint the walls. Not a problem! Buy a length of tasteful yet inexpensive cloth from a sewing store and drape it from chic and classy hooks. Add pictures or paintings to finish the look.

Give Furniture a New Look

"I would never use slipcovers." Grandma's slipcovers are a thing of the past. Now there are stylish slipcovers for living room furniture as well as for kitchen chairs that will give your dining area an elegant, sophisticated look. Check out slipcovers in a variety of colors and patterns that will add just the panache you're looking for!

Grab a Screwdriver

"The place has no theme." Nothing changes the look and theme of an apartment better than changing the knobs on cabinets or dresser drawers, light switch plates and curtain rods. (And when the time comes for you to move out, you can take it all with you!)

Clutter Be Gone

"There's no room here for everything." It's time to find a place for those things you said you'd find a place for last year. A space with no clutter has a chance to show off its lines. The general rule is: if you haven't touched it in three months (or forgot you even had it) throw it out. Remove or downsize the number of knickknacks, paintings or pictures, put them in a box and rotate them every other month. Less is definitely more!

Lay It on the Floor

"It will be years before they change the carpet." The easiest change to make in an apartment is also the quickest! A lovely area rug will pull a room together - and adding color coordinated rugs throughout the apartment will provide a lovely continuity throughout the entire living space, giving the final touch to your makeover.

Congratulations! You just transformed your apartment from "blah" to "Hoorah!" in five easy steps! Happy living!