Revitilazing an Injured Squirrel

The most common injuries to squirrels are caused by encountesr with pets, or falls from a nest. If you encounter an injured squirrel, the best thing to do is call a wildlife rehabilitation officer to pick up the animal. Squirrels, particularly injured ones, can bite, and many carry a variety of diseases, parasites and on some occasions, rabies.

Squirrels injured by pets or animals require special care from vets or specialists. If your pet injured a squirrel, try to pick up the injured animal and place it in a box with a soft cloth lining, secure lid and air holes. Then take it to receive medical care as soon as possible. Baby squirrels that have fallen from a tree or nest can be returned to the tree or nest where they are found. Human scent will not deter the mother from rescuing them. If they aren't found by the mother in 2-to-3 hours, take them to a rehab center. It is illegal to possess a squirrel without a wildlife permit, so simply stabilize the animal and transport it as soon as possible.

Tips for Revitalizing an Injured Squirrel

  • Wear latex exam gloves to prevent mite and disease transmission
  • Use a pillow case, towel or cloth if you need to pick up the animal
  • Use a secure box with lid that can be attached to transport the squirrel (don't forget to add air holes)
  • Baby squirrels should be returned to their nest, or to the base of the tree where they are found
  • Always transport squirrels and injured animals to your local wildlife rehab specialist for best medical care