Rid Your Home Of Snails And Slugs

Snails and slugs can cause a lot of damage to plants, flowers and other foliage. They are often more prevalent after it rains and can eat through leaves, fruit and flowers. The tend to leave a slimy, silver-like trails on leaves. Snails and slugs can also be found in soil, stuck to pots and various gardening tools because of their suction-like bodies.

You can rid your garden of these pests organically or with store-bought bait and chemical solutions sold exclusively for this purpose.

Organic Materials

  • Can of beer
  • Pie tin pans or low bowls
  • Markers, like Popsicle sticks

Non-Organic Materials

  • Commercial grade snail and slug bait
  • Iron phosphate

Step 1 - Locate the snails and slugs. Map out your garden and mark the areas with Popsicle sticks or other markers.

Step 2 - Pour half a can of beer into a pie tin or shallow bowl and place in the beds or areas you have marked.

Step 3 - Leave tins or pans out until the snails and slugs appear. They will congregate toward the beer and eventually drown.

Step 4 - Repeat Steps 2-6 until the problem resolves itself, which may take time.

Step 5 - Toss tins and pans and discard snails and slugs in a proper place.

Step 6 - If you don’t want to take the time or remove the snails and/or slugs organically, home improvement stores sell various forms of bait to kill snails and slugs. Be careful when using these products especially around small children and pets as some bait products are toxic.

Step 7 - You can hire some pest control companies to come out and professionally treat the areas where slugs and snails are destroying plants and other foliage.

Step 8 - Gardening experts report that mushrooms sometimes work as does bait with iron phosphate, which can also be good as a soil nutrient.

Step 9 - If all else fails, hand-picking is a messy but effective way to get rid of snails and slugs.

Step 10 - Sometimes, a combination or mixture of all of these steps can be effective in ridding gardens and other outdoor areas from snails and slugs.