Rid Your Pond Of String Algae

Pond string algae, also known as blanket weed, are considered as pond scum. These filamentous algae resemble hair-like mats and not only can they destroy the beauty of your water garden or pond, but they can also harm your fishes. So, here are some of the ways to get rid of string algae in your pond.

Manual Removal

You can remove string algae by regularly raking them off the surface of the pond. If you do not have a rake, an unused toilet brush will also do the trick. For string algae that are multiplying at the bottom of the pond, you can use a siphon or vacuum to remove them.

You can also add one bundle of barley straw for every 1,000 gallons of pond water. Just make sure that the straw is submerged in the water. The natural chemicals released when the straw begins to decompose prevent the growth of this type of algae.

Other Types of Treatment

A biological filter that is appropriate to the size of your pond is also helpful in preventing the proliferation of string algae. However, you need to regularly clean your filter for it to work effectively.

In order to starve the algae, you can also add nitrifying bacteria in your pond. Just make sure that you keep the bacteria in one place, such as on rocks, bio-filter, or any other type of filtering devices.