Rid Your Yard Of Clover: 3 Tips

Clover can be a lucky charm or a nuisance when it starts to take over your lawn. Removing clover from your lawn and garden patches can be a bit of a challenge. Here are few tips to help you take care of your clover problem.

Use Your Hands

If you have a small clover patch, use your hands to eliminate the plants before they can spread. Clover has very small, thin roots. Grab the plants by the handful and pull them out to effectively get rid of bunches of clover.

A Weeder Works

For larger clover patches, use a weeder—a small tool designed to remove weeds. The shape of the head of the tool is ideal for pulling out clover.

Use An Acidic Compound

Clover thrives in good, healthy soil, but soil that is high in acidity will kill off clover very quickly. Pour vinegar into the ground around the clover patches and you will be rid of them within a few days. The vinegar will only harm the clover and not the rest of your garden plants.