Ridding Aphids in Organic Cultivations with Tobacco

Aphids are a particularly unwelcome guest in gardens. You can find chemicals that can get rid of aphid problems, but these are often not beneficial in an organic cultivation. Fortunately, effective natural remedies can be used to rid an area of aphids including the use of tobacco. 

Tobacco Tea

Make a tobacco tea to fight aphids. Soak the tobacco in water until a strong tea is made. Strain the tobacco out of the water using a fine screened strainer and dispose of the tobacco into a compost bin for further benefits. Add some organic dish detergent to the tea and pour the solution into a sprayer. 

Applying the Solution

Walk through the garden, spraying each plant with the tobacco solution individually. Spray the entire plant. It may help to rub the solution onto the plant once the plant has been sprayed in particularly problematic areas. Pick off all visible aphids, placing them in a bucket as you go. 

Once the aphid problem is taken care of, keep an eye out for re-infestation. This may not occur but it is best to do a regular check as infestations often occur again within a short space of time. Add new soil to the area before the next planting season and consider purchasing praying mantis eggs and placing them throughout the garden to further protect against aphids.