Road Legal Quad Bikes: Laws and Regulations

a quad bike driven by a person in an orange shirt

Road legal quad bikes will allow you to drive the off road vehicle on regular roads without fear of being apprehended by a highway patrol officer. As far as the off- roading is concerned, the quad bike may be king. But when it comes to roads and highways, you cannot just ride it in one because of safety considerations. To keep yourself out of trouble, you should know the laws and regulations concerning its use on regular roads have a respect for nature and turn your quad bike into a street legal vehicle.

Adherence to Legal Rules of the Road

Although the two may look the same, on road and off road quad bikes have differences when it comes to some performance details. You should buy one that is made to be legal on the road since you cannot convert an off road model into a street legal machine by yourself.

Quad bikes that are street legal have a switch that regulates the speed in which the bike can travel. The built in limit far exceeds those that are set on roads so you should always carefully watch your traveling speed whenever you are on the road. Off road, street legal quad bikes will perform and handle like a true sports vehicle that it really is, providing its rider with a lot of fun and thrill.

The road rules that apply to quad bikes differ on each jurisdiction or state. Many of the states do not allow all types of quad bikes to be on the road. To be sure of the specifics, always make it a point to check with the law enforcement officers in a locality.

In general, any jurisdiction that permits quad bikes to travel on the road requires the vehicle to be incorporated with brake lights and mirrors. It should also be properly registered and licensed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the locality. There are states that will require you to have a standard driver’s license while others may require you to participate in a special training course.

Special Training Course

If not handled the right way, it could be dangerous to ride a quad bike. A mishap can cause both fatal injuries and damages to property. Hence, quad bike and ATV rider courses were made available to make it safer. A course can be availed for free or with a small cost. It is always worth the small investment to take such a course since it covers techniques for riding, protective equipment and safety clothing that you need to wear while riding the vehicle. You will also learn how to properly check your vehicle before riding it and the specific road and environmental laws required in each state.

Additional Things to Consider

Always wear a safety helmet whenever you ride your quad bike. This is a rule that should be obvious to everybody. Although your locality may not require you to wear one while on the road, it is always a good idea to wear one.

You should also make sure that you and your bike is adequately covered by insurance. With such coverage, you will have yourself covered against road accidents and a quad bike replacement if your machine is wrecked in a mishap.