Troubleshooting A Robotic Pool Cleaner

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An automatic robotic pool cleaner has become a common way for pool owners to save time and effort keeping their pools clean. These automated systems do the dirty work for you and give you more time to enjoy the pool itself. Most robotic pool cleaners clean automatically in a path controlled by the systems computer chip and others can be controlled by remote control. Part of having an automatic robotic pool cleaner is being able to keep it working and take care of any issues it may have. This article will discuss the most common problems experienced as well as provide solutions to identify and assist with pool cleaner repairs.


One of the most common issues with robotic pool cleaners is the movement. Most units require to be plugged in while cleaning and you need to make sure you have enough cord slack to allow the unit to move about the length of the pool. The power cord needs to usually be about twice as long as the pool itself. The power cord sends a low wattage power supply to the unit running its two motors; the pump unit that pulls debris in and the drive motor, which propels the unit through the water.


One of the advantages of using a robotic pool cleaner is the self-contained, easily cleanable filter. The first thing to check if your pool cleaner does not seem to be doing the job is the filter. You need to regularly check the filter and replace it when necessary. Refer to your specific model’s user manual for details on how often to replace the filter.

Movement Problems

If your robot pool cleaner is not moving across the floor of your pool, the first thing you want to check is the power light. If the light is not on, the unit is not getting any power. Check the outlet and try to plug something in to see if the problem is with the outlet or your cleaner. If the light is on, it may be the fuse. After checking and, if needed, replacing the fuse, see if that fixes the problem.


If the problem continues, check the motor when the unit is partially in the water and see if the water is coming out the top. If so, the pump is working. If not, you will need to check the belts and wheels to make sure they are in the right position. Not having the belts in the grooves they need to be in will cause the robot pool cleaner not to move. If the pulley in the motor is not moving it could indicate a couple of different things. Unfortunately, each of those situations would require you to replace the motor or specific pool cleaner parts.


The other common issue is the water pump. Check it as noted above by lifting the unit partially out of the water and checking to see if the water is gushing out the top. If not, check the fan to see if anything is obstructing it from rotating. When removing the cleaner from the pool, be sure to never pull it to the edge by the power cord. Always reach down into the water to lift it out.