Rock Climbing Training Excercises You Can Perform At Home

If you prefer to not visit the gym, you can easily perform your rock climbing training session at home. You only need a few affordable pieces of basic training equipment. These include a climbing handboard (or a pull-up bar/set of rock rings), training weight vest, campus board and a set of exercise bands. The next step is to create an effective rock climbing training program, including a number of exercises that develop and improve the three vital muscle functions (strength, endurance and burst) and their balance.

1. Training with Weights

Your muscle strength is of crucial importance when you climb a negative slope rock or an overhanging rock. To enhance muscle strength, you pay close attention to training with weights and repetitions. Choose weights that allow you to complete five to ten repetitions before you feel tenseness in your muscles. Do 4 sets of the exercise, including 5 to 10 repetitions. Perform these exercises at least three times a week, keeping in mind that the extra muscle mass always means additional weight. You are a climber, not a body builder.

2. Low Resistance Exercises

To build good muscle endurance over your rock climbing training, you must continuously do low resistance exercises. You should use low weights and exercise 20 to 30 minutes at least three times a week to attain your goal. The perfect strength-and-endurance balance will ensure a longer climbing without burnout. To improve your strength and endurance, you should focus on duration, not on the number of exercises. So, choose heavier weights than those you normally use for endurance, but lighter than the weights for strength training. Then perform your pull-ups at a slow pace. Lengthen the duration of each exercise movement and gradually increase the number of sets during a session.

3. Exercises for Hand/ Finger Strength

Many rock climbers admit that their hand/finger strength is the weakest component of their rock climbing training. To improve your grip strength, you should do the following exercise: hang on a pull-up bar for about 60 seconds. Complete 3 sets of 60-second holds. When this goal is achieved, try to do the same holds but with your fingertips only. This exercise is very close to a real climbing technique. The master level is to accomplish these holds with one arm at a time.

 4. Burst Training Exercises

The burst (explosive) power or speed climbing is another essential component of rock climbing training. Burst training exercises are all about making strong and quick movements by strengthening your leg and thigh muscles' explosive power. You can elaborate your speed climbing training exercises by wearing a weight vest during your workout.

As you can see, rock climbing training exercises, as well as a number of aerobic and mental techniques, can be easily practiced at home. So, develop regular and effective workout using these tips. Always do an adequate warm-up and perform some cooling down exercises at the end.