Roll Out Pantry: Is Yours Compatible?

Woman looking at a food item from a pull out pantry
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A roll out pantry is one of the organizers you can use if you are short on space in your kitchen. If you are not lucky enough to have a pantry closet or a room in the home for a pantry, the roll out pantry can help you to make the best use of the space that you do have. These organizers are designed to slide into the small space between appliances and cabinets.

You simply roll the pantry in when you are not using it and roll it out when you need something on the shelf. The space between the refrigerator and the wall or cabinet is a common place to store one of these organizing tools.

The Width of the Roll Out Pantry

To determine if your roll out pantry is compatible with your kitchen configuration, you will have to measure the width. The pantry is designed to fit in small spaces, but you will have to check your kitchen to find an appropriate location for the pantry rack to be stored. Take some measurements before you buy a roll out pantry to be sure you have the room to use it.

The Mobile Pantry

Another great benefit of these organizing tools is that they are on wheels. Not only will you be able to roll it into a small location for storage, but you can roll the pantry shelves over to where you need the items. This can be a great benefit when you are preparing a meal.

Build Your Own

You can also choose to build a roll out pantry using your existing cabinet space. This is the best way to make sure that the pantry shelves are compatible with the rest of the kitchen and fits into the space you have available.

To build your own, install glides for the bottom and top of the cabinet area. This will allow your roll out pantry to pull out when you need it, in the same way that a drawer can be pulled. However, when you pull the roll out pantry, you will be pulling out the entire unit. That is why it is necessary to have both bottom glides and top glides.

Take your measurements for the shelving unit by subtracting the measurement of the top bracket and the glides. Remember your shelving unit will have to fit in the glides so you can pull out the pantry.

Whether you decide to buy a roll out pantry or build one on your own, the measurements are absolutely vital to determine if it will be compatible with your kitchen. The premade units are convenient, but they lose their usefulness if they are unable to be slid into a small space when not in use. Measurements for the roll out pantry you build on your own, should include space allotted for the glides and brackets that will slide your pantry in and out of the existing cabinet area.