Roll Roofing Installation Tips

Roll roofing is a popular option for many people because of its affordability and easy installation. They are extremely popular in sheds and on porch roofs. There are a few things to keep in mind when installing a roll roof to get the best installation possible.


Roll roofing should only be installed win the temperature is at least 50 degrees. Anything colder than this and the roof can crack. If you must install the roof during the fall or winter months you will want to allow the roof to warm up. Wait until midday to install in these cases.


Installing a temporary toe-brace is a good idea when you work with roll roofing. The rolls can be difficult to work with on a slippery roof, and the toe-brace will add another level of safety to your project.

Using Eaves as Guides

Since eaves are usually uneven, using these as a guide for installation is not recommended. While many people think this saves time, it can actually cost you more time in the long run if you have to adjust the rolls. You’re better off using a chalkline and a tape measure to find the guide lines.

Follow the directions recommended by the manufacturer and you can have a new roof installed with less effort than a traditional roof requires.