Rolled Bamboo Fencing

Using rolled bamboo fencing is a unique and affordable way to decorate and improve your backyard. Many environmentalists agree that using bamboo fencing instead of wood, concrete and other conventional materials can help in preserving nature. This is due to bamboo’s outstanding quality, making it the most easily renewable natural product on earth. Moreover, bamboo is a type of grass which grows so fast it means the supply is quite sufficient.

There are several manufacturers offering rolled bamboo fencing in a wide-array of selection of colors and textures. One of the great advantages of using rolled bamboo fencing is its affordability even if you want the product shipped to your home. This means you will be able to save some bucks on your consumption of materials that usually costs much more. Moreover, bamboo fencing can be installed in a breeze, unlike traditional lumber.

You won’t have to worry about the material’s durability. Bamboo is known to be as tough as a cedar wood. Experts say that a product made from bamboo could last up to 20 years if it is maintained properly. Woven or split bamboo can only last half as long, though, but it is definitely on par with other expensive traditional materials. Although it is commonly used for outdoor landscaping, rolled bamboo fencing can also be used for interior design. There are several things to consider if you decide to use rolled bamboo fencing.

Choosing the design

Rolled bamboo fencing comes in various styles such as solid or split bamboo with various woven patterns, so make sure to choose the one that fits to your own taste. You must also consider the appearance of your backyard when choosing the type of look you want. Make sure the design complements the overall look of your backyard. Typical rolled bamboo fencing is made up of long poles with one inch diameter, bounded together by a stainless steel galvanized wire.


Installing rolled bamboo fencing is quite easy; it is especially easy if there’s a chain link fence already installed. All you have to do is wrap the fencing around the chain link fence and attach it using galvanized wire. Woven or split bamboo is ideal to use if you want to install bamboo fencing over a pre-existing fence of wooden boards. But this time, use stainless steel staples instead of galvanized wire. Do not let the bamboo be buried or even touch the ground or it could deteriorate quickly. Keep in mind that bamboo is not wood but a type of grass. It would be ideal to use wooden posts instead of burying the bamboo itself to the ground.

Care and maintenance

As mentioned earlier, bamboo is a sturdy material that could last for several years if maintained properly. Thus, it is important to clean it on a regular basis. Fix it at once if certain parts are broken. Make sure that you provide your rolled bamboo fencing sufficient amount of time for care and maintenance just as you would for any natural product.