Roller Shades vs Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are just one of the many choices when it comes to blinds. They can look great, especially when properly fitted to a window. However, many people prefer roller shades which are much easier to fit and also do a terrific job of keeping out light. Roller shades are also cheap and available in a wide range of colors to match your existing décor.

Faux Wood Blinds

Available in an assortment of shades to replicate different types of wood, faux wood blinds can fit into most color schemes. When properly fitted to a window, they can enhance a room more than most blinds by adding a unique accent to the room. A well-chosen color will offer an excellent contrast to surroundings. Generally, faux wood blinds will have larger slats than other blinds so they look more solid.

If you have lots of wood in a room, they can be especially effective. Faux wood blinds are also thicker than many types of slat models which makes them more useful for keeping the light out of a room. They can also be adjusted for different times of the day. They’re no more difficult to put up than other kind of venetian blinds and can offer many years of use. You’ll probably decide to change blinds long before they wear out.

However, faux wood blinds aren’t always perfect. In most instances, they don’t look as good as real wood blinds and, like all slat blinds, they can be difficult to clean properly. To do a thorough job, you’ll need to take the blind down and use soap and water on it to remove all of the grease and grime. This can become an irksome task, especially as you’ll have to put the blinds up again once they’re dry.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are still the most common type of blind. They’re very cheap and can be put in a window within minutes. They also keep out light well and you can buy them in an almost infinite variety of colors, although white remains the most popular. Roller shades tend to come in standard window sizes although you can buy custom roller shades which can be made from thicker material than most of those that are store-purchased.

If you’re on a budget, roller shades are the ideal answer as a window addition. They’re very easy to clean by wiping a damp cloth on the vinyl and it’s easy to adjust the height of the blind at just a touch. Like faux wood blinds, however, roller shades are far from perfect. On cheaper roller shades, the spring that allows you to adjust the length of the blind will often break and this means you'll need a new blind.

The vinyl on cheap roller shades can also tear very easily. When this happens, you’ll need to replace the blind. Both faux wood blinds and roller shades have their advantages and disadvantages but ultimately, the choice depends on which design will work best in your home.