Roman Shades 101

Roman shades

Roman shades are very convenient for blocking out the sun, controlling the amount of shade in a certain area and protecting your privacy. If you're interested in installing Roman shades in your home, read on to learn all about this unique type of shading.

Roman shades.


Roman shades are composed of a series of panels that are evenly stacked together whenever the pull cord is lifted. They are very effective in blocking sunlight, a function that proves particularly useful if you're not a big morning person. If you want a little bit of sunlight to find its way into your home, the height of the shades can be adjusted with an easy-to-operate pull cord. In addition, these shades are perfect for preventing people from peering into your home.

Shades in a room.


In addition to coming in a vast assortment of colors, certain Roman shades feature a picture that is fully revealed whenever the pull cord is lifted. Roman shades are typically made from fabrics, but wooden variations of these shades, particularly bamboo-based Roman shades, have become increasingly popular in recent years. While fabric-based Roman shades tend to give homes a distinctly cutting-edge feel, wooden Roman shades give any area in which they are placed a very natural vibe.