Roof Flashing Materials: Copper vs. Steel

Roof flashing can come in a variety of metals, each with different benefits. Choosing the correct one can determine how long your flashing lasts and how effective it is. It's important to weigh up all the options before you buy.


Copper is the most durable and longest lasting metal that you can use for gutter flashing. Unlike steel, the green layer of oxidization that forms on copper over time acts to preserve its lifespan. It is flexible and can be cut into many different shapes and sizes.

Copper is a very popular building material, but it is not the cheapest metal you will find. It is widely available and incredibly light, making it easy to fit and manipulate.


Steel is the strongest metal you can use for gutter flashing. Steel is inorganic, which means it will not crack, break down or wear away like other metals. There are also national standards for using steel, which ensures consistency and high quality. Steel can be recycled, and levels of scrapped steel are far lower than copper. Steel will age slower than copper and should be used for a strong and firm gutter flashing system. Steel will be slightly more expensive than copper, but it has become a standard building material.