Roofing Your Shed: Flat Roof Pros and Cons

When building a shed, a flat roof is an common option that has both pros and cons. Understanding flat roof construction will help you determine if this is the right choice for the type of shed you are building. 

The Pros

Cost effectiveness is the major advantage of a flat roof. This style is also popular because it is fairly attractive. It is also easier to assess for problems and maintain the roof once it is installed and this makes it a safer option than a slanted roof. These roofs are easier to stand on when carrying out an inspection. 

A flat roof has a slight incline and will generally come with drains for ridding the roof of water. 

The Cons

The felt coating of the roof may not last long, thus making it necessary to refurbish the covering on occasion. It can be costly to replace the felt and it will need to be maintained regularly to prevent replacement. Keeping the drains of the roof free from debris is important in order to keep them working properly. 

A flat roof is an appropriate option for an outdoor storage shed as long as you take the time to maintain it  regularly.