Roofing 4 - Layout

Just as you measured for spacing of the wall studs, you will need to measure for, and mark the location of, the roof trusses on the cap plate. Check your local building code for proper size and spacing.

Most Common Mistakes:

  1. Ordering inaccurate trusses.

  2. Not accounting for overhang and rake rafters.

  3. Placing the rafter on the wrong side of the layout mark.

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NOTE: Rafters are DOUBLED to support Rake Rafter.


  1. Beginning at one end, drive a nail 3/4" in from the end, hook your measuring tape to the nail, then measure and mark every 24" (or 16"). Place an X on the side of the mark nearest your nail.

  2. If, in your plans, you have an overhang (rake rafter) on either end of the garage, you will need to adjust the measurement to insure a sheet of plywood beginning at the edge of the overhang (rake) will end in the center of an interior truss.

  3. Metal rafter ties make the installation of trusses easier and more secure.