5 Rooms That Will Have You Rethinking Wallpaper

Wallpaper Isn't What It Used to Be

Believe it or not, wallpaper is making a comeback. And today’s patterns won’t make you feel like you’re in an office waiting room or on a Victorian film set -- the selection these days is contemporary with bold florals and shapes in sophisticated color pallets. But the question remains of how to make it work in your home. Our tricks will leave your paint roller soon forgotten.

Up the Sophistication Level

If you’re looking for a little glam in your home, a subtle wallpaper like this one can help you get there. While the design of the paper is classic, the feel of the paper is understated thanks to the subdued color pallet.  The cream and soft gray tones in the paper allow for the presence of zebra pillows and geometric carpet. The result is a sophisticated layering of pattern that otherwise wouldn’t work if the wallpaper were too bold.

Make a Statement

Unlike the wallpaper in the previous image, this selection takes center stage. The room wouldn’t have much going for it if it weren’t for this pink and blue floral choice, but with it the antique furniture is elevated to a new level. If you have a room that feels sparse, or if you don’t want to make a statement with your furniture, choosing a boldly patterned wallpaper like this one could be the design path for you.

Establish a Color Theme

There’s a lot of blue going on in this living room. Between the nautical pillows, the traditional rug and the Tiffany lamp, there are a lot of design schemes going on, too. But the wallpaper selection ties it all together because it doesn’t lean too heavily toward any one design direction. Instead, the color blue becomes the overall theme while the multiple patterns in the room are grounded against the small patterned backdrop.

You Don't Need All 4 Walls

If the commitment factor of wallpaper scares you, how about papering only one wall? You get the effect of a large pattern-making statement without feeling trapped in a gift box or getting a headache. This works especially well in a room with a bed or other large piece of furniture against the papered wall to ground the pattern to the room and further cement the focal point.

Double It Up As Artwork

This cheery dining room is accented by a piece of floral, vintage-inspired paper -- that doesn’t completely cover the wall. Because it stops short of the sides and ceiling of the space, the paper resembles a piece of artwork more than a semi-permanent wall covering. It’s a look that utilizes the size and dramatic impact of wallpaper to take the place of typical framed photos or prints.