Round Ottoman Construction and Care

Adding last minute furniture, like a round ottoman, can be one of those final touches that brings the entire room together. Ottomans can also come in a variety of shapes and designs, but a simple round ottoman can be easily built.

Build Frame
Using a circular saw, cut out two 14 x 14 inch pieces for the front and back, two 14 x 17-inch side pieces, a 13 x 17-inch bottom piece, and a 14 x 18-inch lid. The piece for the lid should be larger than the bottom piece.

Measure holes for screws and fasten pieces and apply glue to edges. Join together wood pieces to make a sturdy, simple frame.

Finish the frame with a stain of your choice or paint.

Cover With Fabric

To finish off the ottoman, cover with padding and fabric. Simply stretch foam padding over the lid. Add some cotton batting under the foam to give it more depth and cushioning. Fold under lid and staple making sure no creases are in fabric.

Wrap fabric around legs and staple. After round ottoman is upholstered, you can add finishing touches.

Casters and Hinges

If you want an easily movable ottoman, put some decorative casters on the bottom of each leg. Then add a piano hinge to the lid top and body of the ottoman. This way you can easily lift it and store small items inside.