Rug Hooking Supplies: What You Need

Rug hooking is a centuries-old rug making technique that can be learned by anyone with a set of basic rug hooking supplies. Making rugs according to this technique involves pulling loops of yarn through a backing fabric, usually a stiff woven base made of burlap or linen. Here are the supplies you will need to get started.

Rug Hook

Looping the yarn requires a rug hook, which is the most essential supply item. Usually made of metal, some hooks come equipped with wooden handles. Rug hooks feature a tapered shape, which allows the larger back end to open up the holes in the backing fabric while the tapered front end pulls the yarn through. 

Backing Fabric

To get started you will need to first purchase a backing fabric to secure the loops of yarn from coming undone and to hold the overall rug together. Linen is the most common material used for this purpose given its strength-to-weight ratio. 

Rug-Hooking Frame

To manage the bulky rug in your hands as you work you may want to purchase a rug-hooking frame. The frame’s dimensions allow you to work with manageable sections while the height adjusts to whatever position is most comfortable. Although a great asset, these units can cost several hundred dollars. Some people opt to make their own.


You’ll want to add a variety of colored dyes to your rug hooking supply kit to create fantastic designs.

Rug Yarns

The types of yarn used to make rugs are bulky, 3-ply materials made of wool, acrylic, cotton rayon or more expensive alpaca and mohair-wool blends.

Supply Kits

Many online suppliers and craft stores offer supply kits complete with dyes for all skill levels from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. Most of these kits and dyes are reasonably priced and include everything you need to get started, right down to the rubber gloves. You can also purchase large quantities of material scraps such as yarn and wool that you can use to create your own design and pattern unique. The availability of all these supplies makes the hobby of crafting a hand woven rug easier than ever.