Running Bond Brick Pattern Explained

The running bond brick pattern is probably the most simple to learn and install. It requires the minimal amount of cutting at ends, if at all and it can easily follow gentle curves in walls. Running bond brick patterns have a few variations but the general idea is the same.

What does it Look Like?

Basically, when beginning a running bond patterned brick wall you will see that every other row of bricks is set with a joint in the middle of the alternating rows. The first course of bricks will be laid, end to end, with mortar between them. The next row will begin with a half (or turned) brick laid half way across it and a full brick covering the first joint. The second course is then continued until the other end is reached and a further need for a half brick (or turned brick if you are going around a corner) is needed.


The mortar is laid between the ends of the laid bricks and the tops of the previous course. The next course of bricks is set onto the top of the mortar and pressed level to achieve a clean, neat and straight pattern. The running bond pattern is one of the more sturdy patterns in brickwork, contrary to the stack style, which can easily be toppled if built incorrectly. Running bond pattern gives a strength to the bricks because of the way the joins are placed.