Rustic Wooden Table Design Ideas

rustic wooden table in kitchen

A rustic wooden table can give your home a warm cozy feel. It can give your home a classic country feeling whether you live in the country or city. There are many different styles and designs to give a rustic wooden table. Its natural material is deep and rich in color.

Glass Top Rustic Wooden Tables

Heavy cedar wood can be bolted together and white-washed to create a very sturdy base for a nice glass top table. Set on top of an area rug, this can add a touch of elegance to your living room or dining room. Rustic tables in the dining area can use benches to match.

Wooden Top Rustic Table

Brass or iron can be used to make table legs while leaving the table top surface created with the rustic wood. The table top can be carved round or square with a brass or iron outer edge to match the legs. This gives your room a more contemporary but still rustic appeal.

Rustic Wooded Slab Table

A natural rustic wood slab table can be made to seat six regular chairs, or two long benches with two chairs at either end of the table. This table size is similar to a large restaurant table. It gives a great appeal to your home and seats.