RV Lighting Tips: How to Reduce Power Usage When the Engine Is Turned Off

What You'll Need
Solar panels
RV manual
LED lights

Making just a few adjustments in your RV lighting can prove to be a huge difference when it comes to power usage. If you have found that high power usage is a problem in particular for you, follow the simple steps below to reduce it.

Step 1 - Consider Solar Panels

Many people stray away from solar panels because of their initial high cost. Solar panels are great, though, because you save energy and money by allowing the sun to charge your battery. This helps to reduce the amount of power you use when lights are on in your RV, since they will be powered by solar energy. The amount that you spend on solar panels will end up paying off if you plan to keep your RV for a long time, and they will also raise its value if you decide to resell.

Step 2 - Use LED Lights 

Replacing your regular lights in your RV can help to drastically reduce the amount of power being used. The reason for this is because the current drawn from LED lights is extremely low. LED lights last much longer but use less energy than standard bulbs. You can find them at hardware or grocery stores and can be replace them like any other light bulb. Just remove the old bulb and be sure to dispose of it safely.