RV Window Repair: 4 Tips for Extending the Life of a Window Seal

With an RV, window repair may become necessary from time to time. This can be costly. Fortunately, there are several ways you can extend the life of the windows and window seals, leading to less repairs over the course of the RV's life.

Using the Proper Seal

One of the best ways to ensure a window seal will last is to ensure you are using the right kind of seal. You can order the seal specific for your RV at most RV specialty outlets. Other than looking up the seal for the model, consider the environments your windows are exposed to. If you do a lot of travelling in hot, humid areas, you are going to want to spend the extra money on a seal that is designed to withstand heat and moisture. Cheap seals can crack in hot weather and peel in humid conditions. An all weather window seal will cost you a few extra bucks, but it can greatly increase the life.

Removal of Old Seals

If the seal isn't installed properly, it's not going to last a long time. The old seal needs to be completely removed, with no residue left behind. You shouldn't just pull the old seal off and expect to be able to put a new one up without making sure any decay or adhesive has been removed.

Working with Adhesive

RV window seals typically come in kits that include a special adhesive. The adhesive is designed to form a strong bond with the seal itself. When you install a new seal, you should apply the adhesive, then allow it a few minutes to form a tacky consistency. once the adhesive has changed form, you can begin to apply the seal. If you don't take this extra step, the adhesive won't set up correctly, and you may find yourself having to replace the seal much earlier than necessary.

Protecting the Seal

Whenever possible, the RV should be kept out of direct sunlight. This can be achieved by parking under RV ports or awnings. There will be times when this isn't possible. If the RV has been exposed to high temperatures, it's best to not put unneeded stress on the windows. This means don't roll down the windows until the temperature has stabilized.

Keeping it Clean

Debris and dirt built up on an RV window seal can lead to the seal's degradation. Keeping the RV clean will not only make it look great, it will help keep certain components from wearing down before their time. You should clean the RV regularly, and make sure you spray away any dirt or debris that has built up around the windows. There are also products available that you can apply directly to the window seals after a wash to help keep them soft and pliable. This will help prevent cracking in the future. These products can be easily found at any auto parts store or ordered online.