Sabre Saws vs Jig Saws

When it is necessary to cut materials as part of a do it yourself project, you will find it beneficial to be able to compare sabre saws to other types of saw. By considering the qualities of a sabre saw and a jig saw, you will be able to determine which one is more suitable for your needs.


Sabre saws are also known as reciprocating saws and have many varieties, many often being used in the construction industry. A jigsaw is also known as a scroll saw, but terms have been interchanged over the years.  


Sabre saws and jig saws are often constructed in the same. For example, a cordless sabre saw can be mistaken for a jig saw.    


The manner in which sabre saws are operated differ from that for jig saws in that a different action needs to be taken. A sabre saw comprises a dial that must be operated in accordance with where you want the blade to go, while the entire blade must be physically moved when using a jig saw.   


The ability of sabre saws are similar to that of jig saws, allowing you to cut curved lines. Consider how easy it is to operate the saw to determine which is more suitable.