Safely Transporting An Extension Ladder

If you have ever painted a two story house, cleaned gutters, or repaired a roof, you have used an extension ladder. And if you're not a contractor and don't own a painter’s truck, you may find it awkward and even unsafe to transport an extension ladder if you need to. Here are a few suggestions.

Tie It Down

Extension ladders usually come in one of three materials: wood, aluminum or fiberglass. They are sold in pieces that are evenly numbered, measured in feet, i.e., 20 feet, 24 feet, 30 feet, etc. You’ve probably made a sizeable investment in your ladder and want to keep it and your vehicle free from damage.

Tie it down. Your extension ladders can be tied down using any type of strong rope or ratchet set, stretch strap or locking ladder holder.

Protect Your Vehicle

If you must use a car, cushion and protect the roof. If you don’t have a rack of any sort, use pillows or foam to protect your paint job.

Make It Secure

Whether you use the bed of a truck or the roof of your car, make sure the ladder is secured and laying flat. Whether it is an old wood ladder, or a new aluminum or fiberglass ladder, make sure all sides are tied and secured before moving the vehicle.