Safety Guidelines For Pole Chain Saw Use

To keep you from harm when operating a pole chain saw, you should follow safety guidelines. The safety precautions you use when you operate a chain saw on the ground become even more necessary when you attach a saw to a pole and operate it overhead. It can be a dangerous chore if you do not keep safety in mind first.

Protective Clothing and Gear

Safe use starts with wearing proper protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and long-legged pants. Additionally, always wear protective eye goggles, hard hat and gloves. Do not overlook wearing a good, sturdy pair of work boots.

Lightweight Yet Sharp

Although most pole chain saws are lightweight, they still posses cutting teeth as sharp as any other model. Always wear a good pair of leather work gloves when you handle the chain saw and especially when you adjust the sharp cutting chain. During a cutting session, you may need to adjust the chain frequently.  Sharp cutting chains can present a danger if you don't pay attention.

Dull Blades

The opposite is also true. A dull cutting chain on a pole saw can be seriously dangerous. Dull blades can jam during a cut, a situation that promps you to exert unnecessary pressure. A dull blade could break and send cutting pieces flying through the air that may also present a serious danger. Therefore, it is an important safety concern to maintain sharp cutting chains.

Chain Tension and Oil

Check your chain tension often during operation. A chain can stretch due to changes in temperature and the vibrations caused during normal operating. Make adjustments as needed and frequently check the oil reservoir for lubricating the chain bar. Extended use will cause the oil to be consumed, and you may need to replace it during a single operating session.

Maintenance Duties

Safe operation includes routine maintenance, such as replacing fuel and air filters, keeping the bar groove free from dust and other debris, inspecting an electrical cord for cuts and examining a pull cord for wear and fraying. Check for spark plug wear if you own a gas-powered unit as well as fully charged batteries when you operate a cordless electric one.

Other Safety Concerns

When you operate a pole chain saw, you should always maintain a good footing stance. Make sure you have a plan for dodging any limbs falling from the canopy. Never operate a pole chain saw after consuming alcohol. Never smoke while operating a pole chain saw. Refrain from eating or snacking as well. Keep pets, other animals and children away from the area where you are working. Also keep a fire extinguisher nearby, especially if you working when it is very dry.