Safety Regulations for an Above Ground Pool Fence

An above ground pool fence is part of a set of national regulations governing the safety of water areas. Building a swimming pool in your own residential home does not make you immune to these laws and regulations.

The Safety Act

The Virginia Graeme Poll Safety Act was first introduced to regulate the safety of public and residential pool areas. It was initiated because of the amount of pool deaths caused by young children falling into swimming pools and drowning. It is now a federal requirement that any swimming area be safely fenced off and locked, so that no youngster can accidentally fall into the pool while unattended.

Types of Barrier

It is not essential that the pool and spa owners install a fence, but it is mandatory that they install some kind of man-made protection. This protection can be a hedge with a gate, or a natural barrier but it must be secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Natural Barriers

Tall hedges are allowed as long as they reach minimum state height requirements which you should source locally for the state you reside in. All fence or barrier heights have a minimum and there must be a gate or lockable attachment to keep people away.