Safety Tips for Hand Blenders

A hand blender.
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What You'll Need
Hand blender
What You'll Need
Hand blender

Like all other kitchen appliances, hand blenders need to be handled with care to prevent injury. The minute you get too comfortable using the hand blender, or any type of kitchen appliance, is the time when you risk injury.

Keep Unplugged

When changing blades, or removing the blades for storing or cleaning, always unplug the hand blender from the electric power source. There have been times when a malfunction in the switch, or a slight bump, has caused the machine to turn on.

Always Direct Blades Away

When using hand blenders it is always important to keep the cutting area or the blades pointed away from you or down. This will make it harder for the blade to catch your clothes, jewelry, or even fingers.

Keep Blades Sharp

With use, and over time, the blades on the hand blender can start to dull down. Keep them sharp so you do not have to add extra force to get the blending job done. The extra force can cause you to slip, or lose control of it while it is on.

Keep Away from Water

While this is a kitchen appliance, it is also an electrical appliance and should be plugged into a GFCI protected outlet. Keep your distance from any water, and do use it near a water source.