Salsa Garden Pest Control Tips

While cultivating and harvesting your salsa garden for fresh, delicious foods, keep an eye out for insect pests. Pesticides are usually ineffective in small vegetable gardens. Suitable predator insects help to ensure that you, not bugs, get to eat what you have grown.


The tomato has a wider variety of insect pests than other salsa garden vegetables. The most likely attackers will be aphids, spider mites and flea beetles. Predator insects such as lady beetles, pirate bugs and thrips will minimize the damage to your tomato crop. Stake vines early to keep tomatoes off the ground.


Keep onions away from the other salsa ingredients, as thrips, one of the beneficial insects that controls pests on tomato, pepper and cilantro, infests green onions and will defoliate them.


Your peppers and tomatoes will suffer similar insect pests. Use pirate bugs and lady beetles to keep them clean and safe to consume. Stake peppers as you do the tomatoes.


This flavorful herb is also affected by mites and aphids. Use the predator insect types mentioned above to keep these insects off all your salsa garden produce.

Maintain your salsa garden plants in good condition, well-watered and fertilized, to forestall insect infestations.