Salt Chlorinator Basics

A salt chlorinator is a pool maintenance device that is utilized to create chlorine on-site instead of having to add chlorine in liquid form to a swimming pool. A salt pool chlorinator has two parts, a power source and a chlorinator cell. These two things can be retrofitted into nearly any existing pool filtration system as long as there is space.


Why Select a Salt Chlorinator

There are many reasons why pool owners would want to select a salt chlorinator as opposed to adding chemicals to their pool. The first reason is that the salt chlorinator reduces the amount of chemicals that are required to keep your swimming pool clean and sanitary. This means that it will cost less to maintain your pool after you install your salt water chlorinator. It also means that there will be less work involved maintaining your swimming pool as you will not have to add salt to your pool unless you refill your pool or backflush your system.


How Much Salt to Use

There isn’t an industry standard for how much salt you “should” use in a salt water pool. However, it is generally accepted that you need to create a salt to pool volume ratio of between .5 percent and one percent. This saturation will keep your pool clean and it will prevent corrosion. To obtain this salt saturation level you will want to add about 75 kg of salt per 10,000 liters of pool water.