Salt Water Swimming Pool vs Chlorine Swimming Pool

Both a salt water swimming pool and a chlorine pool can provide you with a great place to entertain your family and friends. However, these pools have some key differences in make-up and what it is like to own them. Here are the basics of salt water swimming pools and how they compare to chlorine swimming pools.


Both of these pools are effectively going to be using chlorine in order to clean the pool water. With a chlorine pool, you are going to have to physically add the chlorine chemicals by yourself. With a salt water swimming pool, you are simply going to put salt into the cleaning system and it is going to naturally create the chlorine for you. This creates a more natural type of chlorine cleaner for the water instead of having to deal with harsh chemicals.


When you are installing a new pool, you will most likely have the choice of putting in a salt water system or a traditional chlorine system. When you are purchasing new equipment, most of the time the prices are going to be very similar. Salt water systems are going to be slightly more expensive than a chlorine system but not by much. As far as ongoing costs are concerned, salt water pools are going to be less expensive over the long-term.

When you have a chlorine swimming pool, you are going to have to constantly by buckets of chlorine in order to put in the cleaning system. With salt water swimming pools, you are only going to have to continue to purchase salt. Every time that you have to purchase chlorine, you are going to be paying somewhere between $50 and $70 per bucket. This can add up significantly over time. When you compare that to the cost of salt, it is going to be a big difference.

Personal Benefits

When you compare salt water swimming pools and chlorine swimming pools, most people prefer to swim in a salt water swimming pool. When you chlorinate water with salt, it makes the water feel very soft and comfortable. This is similar to when you have a water softener installed in your house. It makes the water feel better when you are taking a shower. This is the same principle with a salt water pool system. It is going to feel much softer on your skin and you are going to enjoy swimming in it more.

Chlorine swimming pools have a tendency to irritate your skin and your eyes. As you spend a long period of time in a chlorine swimming pool, you might find yourself itching and your eyes will be bloodshot. With a salt water swimming pool, you should not run into these problems as often. Most people do not report itching or burning eyes after they get out of a salt water swimming pool. This makes the salt water swimming pool the choice of most homeowners in the market today.