Saltillo Tile Maintenance

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A home adorned with Saltillo tile will not only be given a Mexican touch but will also be made beautiful. This low-cost flooring option is gaining much popularity as the materials are non-toxic and each tile will give a natural feel on one’s flooring. In order to enjoy all these, here are the maintenance tips that you can apply at home.

Keep Chemicals off the Tiles

Although the tiles are relatively sturdy, they can be weakened and damaged by chemicals which may encourage the fragility of the tile. Thus, it is important to keep chemicals off the tiles. Whenever it is splashed with chemicals, immediately dry it with a clean rag and make sure that none is left on the tiles, especially in the junctions between them.

Immediately Remove Spills

It is inevitable that food, dirt, and other stuff can fall onto your tiles. Once this happens, immediately wipe the tiles clean to keep the tile from staining. Slightly dampen the mop with a mild cleaner to achieve this. Again, the cleaning should be done immediately after the spills were noticed, otherwise, you will find your tiles with an added color.

Keep the Tiles Dry

If the tiles are exposed to water, such as if the house gets flooded, the water retained in the tiles will weaken them. So make sure that the tiles are protected from flooding or, if it is impossible, not to get it soaked in water, then make sure to dry it completely after the flood. You can do this by draining the water, mopping away the dirt, wiping it dry with a rag, or even making use of an electric fan to speedily dry it up.