Sandstone Paver Patio: Cleaning Tips

Keep in mind these tips for sandstone paver patio cleaning, to minimize erosion and discoloration of the pavers and help your patio stay beautiful.

Tip #1: Use a pH Neutral Cleanser

Avoid cleansers for sandstone patio pavers that are either a strong base or a strong acid. Both can stain the pavers, ruining their appearance. Use a mild dish soap and warm water to wash pavers.

Tip #2: Sweep Regularly

Sweep your patio weekly to prevent build-up of leaf mold and moss, sand and mud. Use a stiff bristle brush for sweeping, to get unwanted dirt out of the textured surface of sandstone pavers.

Tip #3: Use As Little Water as Possible

Use just 1 bucket of water to wash and another to rinse. Damp sandstone pavers make the ideal home for molds, lichen and algae, all of which can be allergy irritants. They also form ugly films on the pavers which can be hard to remove later.

Tip #4: Clean on a Sunny Day

Clean your sandstone paver patio on a hot sunny day so the pavers can dry thoroughly.

Tip #5: Apply Sealant to High Traffic Areas

Apply a clear waterproof sealant to your sandstone pavers in areas of high foot traffic, and near the barbecue grill, to prevent stains and smoke damage from cooking.