Sauna Heater

A sauna heater is generally a self-contained unit that can dramatically increase the temperature in an enclosed and fairly small space. The range of temperature a sauna heater will kick up can run from 150 to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. There are several different styles of heaters available.

Sauna heater function

A sauna heater can have several different functions beyond raising temperature. Depending on the style involved, this type of heater can be designed to help relax and heal muscles, produce steam or simply create heat.

Types of sauna heater models

There are three main sauna heater models in common use today. They are:

  • Electric – This type of sauna heater draws electric power into a specialized heating device that can raise temperatures as high as 200 degrees. Electric heaters are commonly used in “wet saunas” that are designed to produce steam rather than dry heat.
  •  Infrared – This style of sauna heater is electric powered, but relies on a light wave of infrared to produce the heat. This is commonly used in saunas that are meant for therapeutic purposes because the heat can penetrate deep into the body.
  • Wood – This type of sauna heater relies on wood and special rocks to heat a room to the desired temperature. It is considered the most economical type of sauna heater to operate.