Save Space with 4 Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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Laundry room storage can be quite an issue. Many homes are not designed with nearly enough storage space. Floor space is usually extremely limited, and in some homes the water tank is also placed inside the same area, decreasing your space even further. The best way to get creative when it comes to storage in a small space like that is to use the walls to your best advantage. In some cases you may even have the option of using the ceiling for limited, light-weight items.

1 – Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are an ideal way to utilize space. The shelves do not have to be too wide, so you can opt for a narrow width that won't affect head room. Adjustable wall brackets with slots are useful for when you need to create a taller area in the shelf unit. You can also keep them short for when you are putting smaller objects on the shelves.

2 - Door Hangers

Shoe storage hangers have nine or twelve separate compartments that are perfect for storing cleaning products, clothes pins, and other miscellaneous items that may find their way into the laundry room. This type of storage conveniently hangs from the back of the door, either by screws or hooked over the top of the door. The useful thing is that they can be lifted off the top of the door and placed elsewhere in another room, since they are not permanent fixtures.

3 – Ironing Boards

While ironing boards are thin and take up relatively little space, they can also get in the way. If you have an ironing board that you have to continuously move out of the way to access something else in the laundry room, you might consider the idea of hanging it on the back of a door. Alternatively, you can also fix your ironing board to be a flip-down board. A flip-down board can be used as a temporary surface for storage or folding clothes, to put away when finished with. You can fix the legs to the ironing board so that when you open it out, they come down and land on the floor for support.

4 – Ceiling Hangers

If the ceiling is suitable, you can also opt for a pulley system of shelves. However, you need to know how strong the ceiling is before you consider this, and you will also need to make certain that you do not drill or screw through any pipes or electrical wires in the ceiling above. If all is well, you can set two pulley shelves or drying racks and raise and lower them when needed. This will save you a lot of space in the laundry room because you can dry small items of clothing on the pulley or hang dried items out of the way.