Save Space with a Pull-Down Closet Rod

If you are looking for more space in your closet, you might want to consider installing a pull-down closet rod. This is a rod that can be installed in a high, unreachable space and then pulled down to your height when you need to retrieve an item.


The main benefit of a pull-down closet rod is space. More space is created because you are actually using space that would normally not be used at all, plus you can install another rod underneath it, effectively doubling your closet or wall space.


A pull-down closet rod makes clothing and other items more accessible for shorter people who may have to stand on a ladder or stool to get to their possessions. A typical rod is placed at roughly 5½ feet; not exactly convenient if you are under 5 feet tall. A pull-down closet rod can provides instant access to hard-to-reach items.


Pull-down closet rods also allow you to store seasonal or seldom-used items higher, eliminating clutter and the need to drag boxes in and out of the attic or garage.

Pull-down closet rods can be found at your local home improvement store and installed as a do-it-yourself project.