Saving Energy with Thermal Insulation Boards

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If you want to save a lot of money on your energy expenditures, then you should consider installing some thermal insulation boards. These are designed to be fitted into the wall, and keep heat from leaving the home, while preventing cold air from entering the home.

A lot of heat is lost through poorly insulated walls, so adding thermal insulation boards can help to keep down the expense of pumping heat from your furnace throughout the day, only for it all to be lost out into the atmosphere. Whether you are trying to live a greener lifestyle, or just want to save on your energy bills, adding thermal insulation boards to your home can do the job.

What are Thermal Insulating Boards

Thermal insulating boards are made from rigid foam, shaped into large pieces of board, similar in size to wall panels in your home. They assist builders not only by providing a good source of insulation, keeping heat inside the home but also by being tough enough to add some strength to the structure of the home. The foam is made from a number of different materials, including polystyrene, polyurethane, and polyisocyanurate. Polystyrene board is made from the same material as everyday items like coffee cups.

Choosing Thermal Insulation Boards

These boards are becoming more popular, as people become increasingly familiar with the idea of insulating walls to new standards. Thermal insulation boards are quite easy to fit, and do not use fiberglass, which means that there are no fiberglass fibers in the air during installation, making it much safer for family members.

Unlike some other types of insulation, it will not sag once it has been glued into position, and it is comparatively cheap, meaning that you could improve your home for a lot less than you would usually expect. Compared with foam sprays, thermal insulation boards are practical and inexpensive, so that most people could afford them. These positives have made many people decide that they want to use these types of insulation boards in their home.

Disadvantages of Thermal Insulation Boards

Despite their usefulness, there are some disadvantages to thermal insulation boards which makes people unwilling to have them installed. Firstly, the boards are pre-cut, which is not always convenient when you have different sized voids in your walls. You may find that you have a pre-cut board which is simply too small for the space advisable, meaning that the insulation is reduced by air leaking around the edges of the material. Also, you may damage the board if you don't use exactly the right kind of glue for the job.

Only a foam-suitable adhesive can be used, such as PL 300, since other types of glues can actually dissolve the foam, making it useless as insulation. In addition, foam board can harbor insects, since these can easily tunnel through foam insulation boards, and this weakness of the board makes them more suitable for use in interior walls only. These disadvantages make it more of a struggle to put up the insulating board.