Seamless Gutter Installation: 5 Tips

Seamless gutter installation is one of the basic household tasks that is routinely overlooked. However, it is pretty easy if you have some grit and the commitment to follow a few tips that could help you install them without much bother.

Tip 1: Measurements

The first job up your sleeve is calculating the quantity of material needed to make the seamless gutter. Additionally, you have to make drains and downspouts too. Measure the length of the run of the gutter. Note the number of downspouts needed and decide the length of the downspouts as well. For ensuring the best fit, you need to check the old gutter run and purchase the new parts of the same measure as the previous ones. If the run is less than 35 feet, the highest point must be at one end of the gutter and the run must gently slope to the position of the downspout. In case the run is more than 35 feet, the highest point should be at the midpoint of the gutter and the slopes must be on both sides of the point, leading to the downspouts on either end. It is suggested that the slope is ¼ inch for 10 feet of the run of the gutter.

Tip 2: Color

Seamless gutters come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. However, white is a safe choice, as it is unlikely to fade and can be easily matched if replacement parts are needed for damage from storms or rain.

Tip 3: Hangers

You need to start installing the gutter hangers from the corner where the downspout is supposed to be placed. This position must be decided by keeping in mind the length of the gutter run and the type of the slope. The gutter hangers are generally spaced 25 inches from each other. However, it is safe to check the instructions that come with the installation kit before proceeding.

Tip 4: Gutter Installation

After installing the hangers, simply attach the gutter on to them. This is the easy part, if you have carefully followed the previous tips. As a finishing touch, insert the corner mount of the gutter. Make sure that the entire area of the gutter is covered in this manner. The downspouts must be checked to see if they are linked properly to the gutter and mounts in the corner.

Tip 5: Final Tips

Finally, check all over again to see if the gutter is well set with the hangers and the slope is all right. Check if the downspouts are fixed tightly. Make sure there is some gap at the end of the gutter supports for the caps. For the drain pipes to be attached to the downspouts, make sure that you cut it such that it fits between the elbow joint on the outlet of the downspout and the joint on the wall. Attach a hanger to the drainpipe as well, and fix it to the joint at the ground, so that the water does not accumulate near your home.