Seamless Gutter Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

The intersection of a metal gutter and drain pipe on the corner of a house.

Seamless gutters are a great type to have on any home, but even they sometimes need to be repaired or replaced. It’s not that hard to repair the leaks or problems with seamless gutters if you take a few basic steps. Here are some problem areas and what to look out for in each one.


When evaluating your gutters, pay special attention to the downspouts, since they are the route from your gutters to the ground. If the water isn’t able to flow properly, the downspouts may spring a leak or crack, and you will have even bigger issues. Also, make sure the downspouts don’t open up right on top of another roof that is lower down, because then the water will build up there and could get heavy and leak through your roof.


With seamless gutters, you don’t have to worry about making sure a seam is holding together, but you still have to inspect each section for holes, cracks, or other issues. This is something you can start doing on a schedule, perhaps every change of season. Be sure to also do it right after any large storm. A little bit of preparation goes a long way toward preventing problems.


If your seamless gutters get full of leaves, less water will flow out, and they won’t work the right way. You'll end up with standing water, which breeds mosquitoes. To keep water flowing freely through your gutters, you just have to get up there on the ladder from time to time and clean the leaves out of them.

How to Patch Holes

If you have a hole in your seamless gutter that is bigger than a small nail puncture, you need to patch it. Use a piece of metal flashing. Cut it with tin snips and make sure the patch is larger than the hole itself. Then, use roof cement or silicone caulk to feather the edges of the hole from the bottom, fit the patch you created over the hole, and seal it up.

As long as you follow these simple instructions and take the proper safety precautions when you get up on your roof, DIY gutter repair is a breeze.